Talks & Workshops

Custom made group workshops and talks for sports teams, clubs, groups or events

Keeping you healthy, fit and at peak performance

Why book Me?

Tailored group workshops and lectures for sports and teams, clubs or groups. 

01  Tailored to the Audience

All talks and workshops are custom made for the audience so that they get maximum benfit

02  Workshop

An opportunity to engage in a discussion about nutrition and your sport or activity. 

03  Talk

A talk on how nutrition can help you in your chosen sport or activity

04 A chance to ask questions

Ask those burning questions about nutrition and how it helps your body to cope day to day

What to do now

get in my diary

I am, thankfully very busy so please do get in touch as early as possible to book a slot in my diary. Initially complete the contact form with as much information as you can give me and I will phone you to arrange things.

If you are just wishing to make an enquiry then please complete the form and again I will contact you to discuss your query.

Alternative ways to get in touch

Tel: 07983 618 508

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Arrange a booking or ask a question

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